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The Real World
Saturday, 12 May 2012 | Saturday, May 12, 2012 | 0 Strawberry

Hi everyone.

There's this people saying that i'm so rude and other bad stuff . I have never interupt her subsist or what . Again I repeat , never . I swear . I was shocked and kind of mad at first but then I came to realize that she was not wrong at all . It's not like I'm admitting that I'm a bitch or whore *who does that aite?* But it actually prove us all that I do have flaws .

I'm glad I used to hate you before . I'm glad I screwed things up back then . I'm glad the whole 'crew' ditch me like hell . Because if it wasn't what I did before , I will never change for good . Life goes on and if hating me will make you feel happy to the max , so be it . I'm not obsessed of what other people think of me . It's not like my world would crash down because of that okay . I don't waste my time on people like you , not anymore . And I do had alot of friends that will always stand still by my side .

So now tell me , are you living your life just to list down all the bad things about me , babe ? Are you waiting eagerly till the day I really fall down ? Tell you what , I'm going to succeed in many ways . Hell yeah I want it so bad this time . So if I'm acting so bitchy in front of you , if you had plans in mind to spit your dirty words on my face , you should know by now that I don't give a damn . Got it ? Don't judge my personality because I am loud or because everybody says I'm a bitch . Oh my , grow up . Lastly , I will kick you ass the real bitch . ☺

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